YouTube adds ‘time watched’ statistics to mobile apps

The constant use of smart devices has been something that has caused concerns among many people and in response, providers have been looking into ways of helping you manage your device usage. The latest update from Google sees YouTube add “Time Watched” statistics to the mobile apps.


Digital Wellbeing Tools from Google


During the Google I/O Developer conference this year, Google announced the rollout of Digital Wellbeing Tools. These tools are being designed to help you take a break from digital devices. Less screen time and managing the amount of time using smart devices has become a focus of many providers.


YouTube Time Watched feature


Following the announcement, at this year’s conference, Google has chosen YouTube to be the first app to get one of these tools. This is not surprising as the hours spent on YouTube by many can be endless.



The update now adds a Time Watched statistic that can be viewed by going into your user account. Google has stated that this update will provide “a better understanding of time spent on YouTube, so you can make informed decisions about how you want YouTube to best fit into your life”.


When you enter into the time watched section of your account you will see your time spent streaming today, yesterday and over the last seven days. You will also see what amount of time in your average day is spent on the streaming website.


This new feature will appear with the other tools that YouTube has added, including a reminder setting to take a break from streaming.


The other tools allow you to switch off autoplay of the next video clip, which should help avoid those endless binges. You can choose to receive a notification at a certain time for viewing your stats.




This is just the first roll out from Google so we can expect to see lots of other features added to other apps and features.


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