Xperia Play To Boost Android Gaming

Android gaming has, historically, not been very good.

While Google’s OS made leaps and bounds to catch up with iOS in almost every other respect, gaming never really caught on with users or developers.

The reasons for this were various, but a big one was the diverse range of hardware that Android is running on. Developing games for the iPhone range is significantly easier because there are very few different hardware configurations, it’s the same reason that it’s easier to write games for consoles than PC’s.

With the Xperia Play Sony have really put their weight behind Android gaming. In a recent interview, Dave Hilton of Sony Ericsson hinted that Sony had been working with Google to make sure that the whole android platform was optimised for gaming, not just the Xperia Play.

Sony have also made their Havok engine available to Android developers, which should make producing really eye catching games much simpler.

The diversity of the hardware Android runs on will always be an issue, but the presence of major players like Sony in the Android gaming market will go some way to overcoming this.

The Xperia Play goes on sale in the UK at the end of the month and looks set to make a splash. It’s the first real gaming phone since the N-Gage and with the Playstation pedigree it’s likely to capture the imagination of gamers in a big way.

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