Xperia Play – Cool But it Needs Games

The years of hype building up to the release of the  Xperia Play has largely been unfulfilled thanks to a weak line up of games at launch.

The phone it’s self has had a slew of positive reviews and seems to provide a genuinely good mobile gaming experience but as is often the case with new gaming platforms it’s been let down thanks to a lack of exciting launch titles.

No one was expecting a full suite of exclusive games straight off the bat, but currently there’s only one exclusive, Crash Bandicoot. There are other Android games that are compatible with the Xperia Play’s controller but given that these games were designed not to need it the added value is questionable.

The library of available PSOne games was one of the big selling points of this device and Sony Ericsson has delivered. The issue is that most of these games were written for old style 4:3 screens so to play them on the Xperia play you either have to  zoom in or stretch, neither of which looks great.

Sony have an ace yet to play with the back catalog of PSP games, but whether or not they will make these available to the Xperia Play is uncertain. I doubt they will do so any time before the PSP2 launches.

So Sony Ericsson need more games if the Xperia Play is to truly appeal to gamers, but it’s another chicken and egg problem. Gamers wont buy without a reasonable range of games, or at least a couple of blockbuster titles, but without the base of handsets in the market developing exclusive titles is a gamble many developers will be unwilling to make.

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