Xperia Jelly Bean update confirmed – not all good news.



Sony has finally confirmed its plans to roll out the Jelly Bean update to some of its handsets, but users could be disappointed to hear they won’t get the Android update until February 2013. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has now been out for a while and phones from various manufacturers are updating to the latest OS, but Sony has been slow to get things going.


Sony announced on its official blog that the Xperia T will be one of the first phones updated but other Xperia phones have not been confirmed including the flagship Xperia S which is still awaiting confirmation of an update time.  This slow call to action could frustrate many Sony users as the update only begins in February so who knows when it will be completed.


Some of the 2011 handsets will also be going no further than Ice Cream Sandwich with Sony stating “We would not be able to guarantee owners of these smartphones the user experience you expect and we demand”.


When Sony dropped the Ericsson brand and began producing new handsets we expected big things and they delivered with the Xperia range but the lack of response to software updates could really harm their place in the market, Google may have released a new OS by the time Sony users get updated leaving them behind again.


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