Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite review

The humble smartphone camera has come a long way over the recent years. AI has been adding more and more innovation to smartphone technology and in my Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite review, I take a look at what this impressive phone has to offer.


Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite design



The Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite takes the all-screen look that has become the norm and adds a little something extra with a mirror-like finish. The phone has a 6.26-inch FHD display with a notch at the top. This notch design places the camera and other sensors at the top while allowing the screen to continue on each side.


Xiaomi wanted their devices to stand out so they opted for a graduated colour. The blue or black colour radiates down the phone for an almost translucent colour.



The phone weighs in at 169g and measures just 7.5mm thick.


Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite features



This offering from Xiaomi uses Android to deliver plenty of familiar apps, such as Chrome and YouTube. The latest Google Lens features are included. This great new app from Google allows you to use the phone camera to find out about objects and places. If you see something you like in a shop you can snap a picture and Google will give you online sources where you can buy it. When visiting a famous landmark or area the camera will recognise it and give you information on history and points of interest.


The Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite boasts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 AIE processor. This means is you get amazing performance when running demanding apps and advanced games. Higher frame rates make game visuals stunning and lag-free and the CPU and GPU deliver amazing speed and performance.



A big 3,350mAh battery on the Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite makes sure you have lots of use between charges. The reversible Type-C1.0 connector allows you to easily plug in the charger. AI technology is on board and as well as delivering innovative phone features it manages the battery power efficiently.


Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite camera



One of the best features of this smartphone is the AI camera. The Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite has a dual AI camera with a 12-megapixel and 5-megapixel lens. The AI features will recognise objects or scenery and adjust the settings to capture everything in its best light. From food pictures to beach sunsets, the AI camera captures your world beautifully.



The larger pixels in the sensors capture more of the available light for amazing night photography. The camera is a Sony one so you get SLR-like technology. Dual pixel autofocus brings objects into clear focus quickly so you don’t miss the perfect shot.


There are many shooting modes to add professional and unique touches to your photos. The Professional Portrait Mode lets you choose to light your face from different angles for a varied look. AI Dynamic Bokeh will blur out the background or selected areas of the image in real-time.



Selfie fans will be very pleased to see a high-end 24-megapixel camera on the front. An AI makeup feature is able to recognise parts of your face and enhance them. Longer eyelashes, tidied up eyebrows and a touch of colour to your cheeks all added in real-time for the perfect selfie.



The Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite truly delivers all of the best aspects of today’s top smartphones at a more affordable price. From a display notch and dynamic gaming to impressive AI camera technology, this phone won’t disappoint.

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