Xender, File Transfer and Share app review

Today we take a look at one of the easiest ways to move files between mobile phones in our Xender, File Transfer and Share app review.

Xender file sharing app

How to install Xender


The Xender app downloads extremely quickly and is available for both Android smartphones and Apple iPhones. Below are the links to the app in your respective store:


Download Xender for Android
Download Xender for Apple

What can Xender do?


The Xender app makes it really easy to transfer files from one smartphone to another and you can even transfer files between Android and Apple powered phones. The types of files you can share include photos, music, spreadsheets, documents, videos, eBooks and even apps.


I fully tested the app using two Android phones and absolutely everything transferred instantly using the phone’s Wi-Fi signals. This means that there is no cost or mobile data used and one of my test phones didn’t even have a SIM card installed!


Xender app sharing


One of the biggest advantages outside of sharing your photos is app sharing. You can effectively give anyone an app you have downloaded and this saves the receiver the need to find the app in an app store and wait for it to download. So now you can share your free apps with your friends and family and they won’t burn up part of their monthly data bundles downloading them either.


If you have just purchased a new smartphone or are going to get one as a Christmas present then Xender should be the first app you download. Why? Because Xender will allow you to use its pretty nifty replicate phone feature to send everything from your old phone to your new in one simple step.

What about sharing with a PC?


This too is absolutely possible. First of all hit the more icon within the Xender app on your smartphone. Next you will see a button that will allow you to download for free the Xender PC (WeLine) app onto your smartphone.


The Xender PC app then opens and gives you a short url to type into your PC. Once this page opens you simply need to press the scan QR code button on your smartphone and scan the QR code that is now shown on your PC.


Xender PC


Once you have done this your PC automatically shows you the Xender PC control panel in your web browser and once again you can transfer files or make a backup of your messages and contacts.

Xender, File Transfer and Share app verdict


I absolutely loved this app and think it is immensely useful. Instantly being able to give someone an app really appealed to me and I will be using Xender PC in the future to transfer photos and screenshots from my smartphone to my PC, without the need for cables.


If you haven’t downloaded Xender yet then my 5 out of 5 rating should be all the encouragement you need!


Written by: Michael Brown

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