Xbox Live Coming to Android and iOS

Microsoft has announced it will make its mobile Xbox Live application available to users on Android and Apple devices. Currently the Xbox Live games are only compatible with Windows Phone devices which has left the large number of users on both Android phones and iPhones out in the cold.


Microsoft doesn’t want to lose out on such a big possible market so they will now be opening up the platform across these other operating systems. A Microsoft spokesperson said “While Xbox Live experiences and games always work best on the Windows platform we understand that some Xbox fans may be using other types of devices”.


An Xbox Live app was previously released for the Apple iOS, however this did not have any gaming features so this new development will take the next step for Android and Apple users to enjoy Xbox titles on their mobile phones.


The Xbox 360 was the biggest selling console of 2011 and with more than 66 million consoles sold that is a lot of potential users that may want to carry on gaming on their handset.


This move will no doubt be happily received by Xbox Live users with Android handsets or iPhones. However as Microsoft and Nokia are focusing on pushing Windows Mobile to compete with these major OS’s is opening up one of the unique selling points of the Windows Phone to other platforms the best move?

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