WWDC 2016 Confirmed for June 13th – what to expect from Apple

The invites from Apple to the World Wide Developers Conference have been sent out and now that we confirmation that WWDC 2016 will take place on June 13th, what can we expect from the annual announcement platform for their new products and projects?


iPhone 7


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The iPhone 7 is expected to feature heavily at the event with various leaks and image renders giving us some ideas of what could be coming from Apple on their latest smartphone. The lower capacity 16GB versions of the phone are expected to be dropped in favour of making the 32GB offering the lowest capacity iPhone 7. It is also rumoured the phones will have 3GB RAM and will be available in a bigger 256GB memory version too.


The iPhone 7 Plus is rumoured to be sporting a new dual-camera setup while and the iPhone 7 is expected to feature new antenna band designs and an upgraded processor


New MacBook Pro


new macbook pro


There has been some speculation about the MacBook Pro lineup getting added to and some of the enhancements expected include an OLED touch bar over the keyboard. The WWDC is usually used as the teaser to upcoming product releases so we should see the rest of the details about any new features revealed at the conference.


iOS 10


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There are a number of enhancements and features expected to be shown off at the event all around the latest iOS 10 offering from Apple. Siri usually gets a few tweaks and adds and this year will be no different with an anticipated feature where Siri will be able to handle your voicemail for you.

Android Pay is expected to open up peer-to-peer payments with the ability to send payments to other users securely and easily.

Apple Home App is a new feature that can be used in conjunction with your Apple devices to control various home appliances and switches using the Internet of Things to control your home environment.


Apple Watch


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The Apple Watch has been out for over a year and as there has been no updates from the manufacturer as to what will be coming next it is expected Apple will reveal all at the WWDC 2016.

Will you be following the Apple WWDC event? What do you think will be showcased? What do you want to see? Share your thoughts below or join us on Google+.

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