Wrong Tariffs Mean £5 Billion Loss For Mobile Phone Users

Findings from a survey of over 2000 people in the UK found that almost half were unaware of the details of their contract such as their data allowance, free minutes and free texts allowed.

From this data it was found that on average being on the wrong tariff can cost a person £194 a year. All of that wastage is more than enough to afford a brand new smartphone.


Approximately £173 million of the £5 billion waste was found to be from extra data charges for accessing the internet.


A staggering eighty-one percent of those polled did not even know that having a Twitter app stored on your phone, even if it’s not in use, can still be using data. Others were unaware that the act of logging into Facebook or calling a friend using Skype also ran up bills.


Few understood what exactly a megabyte was and how that related to the number of songs you could download or how many minutes you would be able to watch using online video site YouTube.


‘When the UK is facing one of the hardest financial times in living memory, it seems crazy that £5billion is being wasted on phone bills.’ Chief executive of Carphone Warehouse, Andrew Harrison is quoted as saying.


According to the Carphone Warehouse there are now over 7 million phone deals being offered across Great Britain. This massive figure is fuelled by the increase of smartphones with access to the internet which adds to the confusion.


With so many deals out there it is fortunate that Mobilesplease already tracks just under 2 million mobile phone deals across the UK.  So people should be able to avoid losing out on a large amount of money by finding the best tariff to suit them.

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