Worst Phones Ever Made


The mobile phone has come a long way since it first went on sale in 1984 and while some of today’s handsets are things of technological beauty there has been a few stumbles along the evolutionary path. There has been some truly awful handsets released over the years and here we take a look at some of the worst phones every made.


Motorola Flipout


Worst Phones moto flipout


Motorola had many aspirations for the Flipout but the odd configuration of a flip and twist out keypad was just a step too far for many mobile phone users. The unique design was hoped to create a niche in the market and as some people love their gadgets to be just as unique as them it did get some take up. The problem was the square screen was too small to be an effective touchscreen and issues with the 3G connectivity and limited camera options meant the phone was all about trying to be stylish rather than delivering a usable reliable phone.


Nokia 7600


Worst smartphones nokia 7600


Another case of more style than substance, the Nokia 7600 tried to revolutionise the standard shape and configuration of the typical smartphone. The leaf shape design was certainly different however this made for a very odd layout of the keypad making one handed use impossible. The handset was too heavy for its size and the display just didn’t perform as it should. There was poor memory on board and even though it was a 3G phone it just couldn’t handle many 3G functions making it one of the worst smartphones ever made.


ASUS Garmin phone


ASUS garmin smartphone

ASUS deliver pretty consistently when it comes to tablets and laptops but when they decided to partner up with Garmin to create a smartphone things didn’t pan out so well. The overall look of the phone failed with a look akin to a mashed up satnav and MP3 player and the Android OS was so overly customised that it was terrible to use. No customisable homescreen and modifications to the OS that just didn’t offer anything of value made this phone a real flop. The main selling point was the offline GPS navigation capabilities powered by Garmin maps but as Google maps and other navigation apps were already gaining momentum this phone became defunct pretty quickly.


Xperia Play


xperia play

The Sony Xperia Play took the lead from the Nokia NGAGE and combined a gaming controller with a smartphone. As both of these devices proved this hybrid just wasn’t practical and due to only very limited games being available on the Xperia Play the phone didn’t produce good sales figures. Combined with a lack of processing power and faulty controls the Xperia Play just didn’t cut it as a viable smartphone and the controller/smartphone trend seems to have, thankfully, died off.


HTC ChaCha


HTC chacha


The concept of a Facebook phone had been bubbling around in the mobile ether for some time and HTC was the first to jump in with the HTC ChaCha. As social networking through the app was becoming as popular as using Facebook on a PC it was expected that a phone built for Facebook would be hugely popular. Sadly the HTC ChaCha just couldn’t deliver what the hype had promised and with technical issues and poor memory this phone simply faded out and further attempts at Facebook phones proved the concept lacked enough appeal to translate into sales.


So these are my picks for the worst phones ever made but do you agree? Have you had a phone that was simply awful? Tell us your worst phones you have ever used by commenting below or joining the conversation on Google+.

Written by: Carmel Brown

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