Windows Phone Marketplace Reaches 50,000 apps

The Windows Phone Market has now reached 50,000 apps available for download, and even though this is not a major number compared to the Android Market it was actually reached a lot faster than Android.


So even though Windows Phone sales have not been as meteoric as they may have hoped it looks like the Windows Phone Market will soon catch up with its competitors in terms of volume of apps available.

This milestone was reached a lot quicker than Android; however Apple did reach 50,000 apps quicker than both of these. The numbers for Windows Mobile apps is on the increase too with over 17,000 of the apps being added in the last 90 days alone.

At this pace it won’t be long until the Windows Phone Market has as much to offer as its Android and Apple competitors but will this be enough to entice users away from the iPhone’s and Android devices?


More apps, and good quality ones at that, certainly won’t hurt but whether it will really make a dent in the Android/Apple market domination remains to be seen.

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