Windows Phone 8 Revealed



Microsoft has finally revealed Windows Phone 8 and there was lots of information on the new OS to take in, below we have detailed some of the best bits.


Windows Phone 8 will support multiple core processors, so dual-core and quad-core handsets can now sport the new OS. Higher screen resolutions will be supported and after many requests expandable memory support has been added.


Shared Core

WP8 shares the kernel, graphics, drivers and security features with Windows 8, with it developers can port work to either platform.


Start screen
The updated Start screen now features new size Live Tiles, both larger and smaller and you can choose which Tiles you want to re-size. Changing the tile size will change the tile functions and there will be more colours to choose from too.


Internet Explorer 10

The OS will come with Explorer 10 installed with improved Javascript performance and it will feature some security aspects similar to the desktop version such as warning of malicious sites.


The NFC support includes a Tap-Send feature, similar to S Beam on the Galaxy SIII,  that allows users to tap two Windows Phone 8 devices together to transfer a file between them.



The wallet feature includes deals which have Local scout integration so you can find your nearby offers and it handles buying apps. The wallet stores your credit card details and you can choose which one to use for each payment and a PIN code can be set up for added security.


Windows Phone 8 will feature Nokia’s mapping service and the map data can be stored on the phone for offline use.


The latest OS allows video chat technology to run in the background fixing the problem of receiving Skype calls when using other apps. Skype is also much more integrated with an incoming Skype call looking like a regular call.

Other features include improved multitasking, and improved virtual assistant and many business-focused applications.

Windows Phone 8 phones will be heading our way from all the top manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung and HTC and the first WP8 phones are expected later in the year.

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