Windows Mobile 7 Sales Data Show Slow Initial Sales

Windows Phone 7 has got off to a sluggish start as far as our customers are concerned, accounting for just 3% of smartphone sales and a little under 2% of overall sales through and our network of mobile phone partner sites. 

The 800,000 people who visit these mobile channels a month are enough to show that the initial public reaction to Windows Phone 7 is luke warm at best.

Symbian 3 handsets outsold Windows 7 Phones by 3 to 1, which is sure to be a blow to Microsoft if our figures are representative of the market as a whole, particularly as the Symbian 3 sales were almost entirely made up of one handset, the Nokia N8.

With Windows Phone 7 Microsoft have genuinely made an effort to differentiate, however they have arrived very late to the market and catching up with the other players will be a Herculean task.

I wanted to make sure that our figures weren’t anomalous, so I went to a few local high street mobile phone retailers, both network owned and independent and although they couldn’t give me numbers the story was the same, Windows Phone 7 Handsets are not selling. The retailers I spoke to said that demand for iPhone, Blackberry and HTC handsets was strong in the smartphone sector.  Perhaps surprisingly, our local Carphone Warehouse did not have any Windows Phone 7 handsets on display, and when I asked they said that they “might have one in the back”.  I’m sure this isn’t indicative of all retailers’ position on Windows Phone 7 but it’s still interesting.

The windows phone 7 handsets -as nice as they are – are by and large generic phones from well known manufacturers, and in most cases an almost identical model is available from the same manufacturer with Android,  and given the choice people seem to be picking Android.

With no killer handsets, and the stuffy, suit and tie image that they have tried so hard to shed still lingering, Microsoft need to pull something impressive out of the bag soon if they are going to compete in the mobile phone market.

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