Will Mobile Phones Come With Health Warnings?

Mobile phone owners may soon be able to see the radiation that their phones are transmitting.

San Francisco law makers have just passed legislation which will mandate that mobile phone companies make public the amount of radiation that each phone transmits.

Mobile phone retailers will have to display each phone’s “specific absorption rate”. This absorption rate is the measurement of radiation that is absorbed by a user’s body tissue. This information will have to be registered with the US Federal Communications Commission.

Technically the law only applies in San Francisco but if there is one place in the world bound to post it on the web then it’s this epicentre of silicon valley!

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom say it is a reasonable measure that provides greater transparency and information for consumers.

Critics worry that it might make users think that phones with higher radiation levels are not as safe as those with lower radiation. Mobile phone associations are keen to point out that they believe all phones are safe.

I am sure whatever is published it will show that phones pump less rubbish into us than we do to them considering the amount of hot air I spout into mine every day!!

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