Will.i.am Launches iPhone Camera Cases



It was rumoured that Will.i.am would be venturing into the tech market with some accessories for the iPhone and now he has officially launched the “i.am+” range.


The “i.am+” accessories start from £199 and these phone cases bring additional functions such as interchangeable lenses to enhance the phones camera and one has a slide out QWERTY keypad.


The range includes the C.4 which is a contemporary design and V.4 which sports a “vintage” look with gold accents to bling up your iPhone.




The C.4 model will cost £199 and includes interchangeable lenses for fish eye, standard and macro with additional zoom functionality and there is a flash module as well as a grip to make it easier for holding and taking shots.





The V.4 vintage model will be sold for £299 and this is the model that incorporates the slide out QWERTY keypad which pairs with the phone via Bluetooth this model also includes the interchangeable lenses.


Both models will integrate with an online sharing service called i.am, which will offer similar features to Instagram. The app for the i.am account will allow you to change shooting modes, apply filters and edit pictures as well as control the phone flash and add a caption.


These covers are compatible with the iPhone 4/4S and for all you iPhone 5 users there will be a C.5/V.5 model available next year. The C.5/V.5 models will utilise a dedicated camera lens to take the resolution up to 14-megapixels and includes a 5x zoom, pricing has yet to be confirmed on these later models.


The new iPhone accessories will be sold exclusively through Selfridges from the 6th December.


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