Will Google drop the App drawer from Android N?


A recent video shared by Google Maps on their Twitter account has caused a storm among Android fans as it reveals what appears to be the next Android version but with something missing. Will Google drop the App drawer on Android N? Well it looks that way from the video.


No App drawer = unhappy Android fans


The video shows the Google Now launcher with just phone, camera and contacts icons without the app drawer icon which has lead to much speculation as to whether this is really being left off the final version of the OS.


android n no app drawer


It could be that Google will simply allow the feature to be disabled or enabled according to a users preference but the video has a few people worried that the app drawer is going to be ditched.


Many users expressed their unhappiness at the possibility, with Android fans stating that this is what helps make Android unique and different to iOS. The feature lets you determine how you handle the apps on your phone with a choice of having them all on display or by accessing them via the app drawer.



android n features


If the feature is disabled on the Android N OS, fans of the OS took to Twitter to say it was no better the iOS and this is one of the things that makes them opt for Android over an iPhone.


The video could of course just be a mock up of the final version and we could see this seemingly beloved app drawer appear on the Android N OS at final release.


Some of the latest flagship models are still using the feature such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 but if the roll out of the OS changes things who knows what will happen.


Do you think this is a major change in the Android system? Would it become too similar to Android for you?Tell us your thoughts by commenting below or join us on Google+.


Written by: Carmel Brown

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