Wileyfox Spark Review

Wileyfox is a British smartphone manufacturer that has tried to make inroads into the market previously and their latest attempt seems to focus on affordability. The Wileyfox Spark comes in at an extremely low price and here we take a look to see if you really do get what you pay for in our Wileyfox Spark review.


wileyfox spark design


Wileyfox Spark Design

The Spark feels quite good, considering the very low price tag, the phone fits nicely in the hand and the curves and soft texture of the phone are surprisingly pleasant. The display is a 5-inch HD screen that looks good and provides a decent enough performance.


Wileyfox Spark Features


wileyfox spark features


There is a difference with the Spark when compared to other budget models when it comes to the OS as it is the Cyanogen Mod based on Android which offers a lot more flexibility when it comes to settings and options.


You can choose everything from how many apps are displayed on a screen to the size of the font, so you can spend plenty of time with tweaks and settings to set the phone up how you like it.


The Spark is 4G capable so you get decent download and browsing speeds however the quad-core processor does seem to be sluggish so the price tag does seem to have compromised the performance somewhat.



wileyfox spark cyanogen smartphone


The battery performs quite well with a full day of mixed usage, however constant gaming or demanding apps will drain the power rather quickly.


Dual 8-megapixel cameras


The Wileyfox Spark has an 8-megapixel camera on the back, and surprisingly for an entry-level phone the front snapper is also an 8-megapixel lens. The cameras performed quite well in daylight and were just about OK in low light conditions but there are better performing cameras on handsets out there for a similar price.


spark angle


Even though the camera performance wasn’t the best there are lots of post-editing options that can be used to give you a pretty decent finish.




The Wileyfox Spark retails for just £89.99 and the performance is reflected in that when it comes to multitasking and camera functions, however if you just want a bargain or a first phone for the kids it’s not going to break the bank. If camera and a decent performance are more of a focus for you then you could consider waiting for the Spark Plus or look for a Moto G deal.

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