Which colour phone?

Mobile phones have become integral to our everyday lives so it is no surprise that we want stylish and fashionable devices in a range of colours. But, which colour do we want the most?


Let’s take a look at the top 5 phone colours.


5. Red phones


In 5th place are red coloured mobile phones. Just sneaking into the most searched for phones on Google Trends, red mobile phones are clearly a popular choice and can make a great fashion statement.


HTC capitalised on this trend by producing the HTC One mini red. But other brands seem to have missed this trend and it is a surprise to me that we didn’t see an Apple iPhone 5c or Samsung Galaxy S5 in red.


Nokia Lumia 520 red


Nokia on the other hand catered for the budget end of the market with a red Lumia 520 but if red is your colour then you have a pretty limited choice in 2014.


4. Gold phones


In 4th place are gold phones and as a colour associated with wealth and luxury it is probably no surprise to see a gold Apple iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8.


Samsung Galaxy S5 gold


There is one other brand that sneaks in with a gold phone and that is LG with the G3. If you haven’t checked out this smartphone then you probably should as it has a metallic body and superb spec and the owners of LG G3 phones that I have spoken to really rate it.

3. Blue phones


In 3rd place are blue phones which you may find a little surprising but then again there is such a wide colour spectrum, from dark to light, that there are plenty of choices to make an individual statement from fun to professional.


Samsung clearly recognise the power of blue and made it their signature colour for the Samsung Galaxy S5 but other brands weren’t so astute. The HTC One is available in blue but this colour choice was dropped for the new HTC One M8.


Apple iPhone 5c blue


Apple also didn’t select blue for its iPhone 5s smartphone but instead it used a light shade on the iPhone 5c and the light shade that was used suggests that it was geared towards the younger end of the market.


2. White phones


The 2nd most searched for colour of mobile phones is white. There are few brands that ignore producing a white coloured phone for their range as it is a classic colour choice.


If we ignore the likes of Samsung and Apple here we see a few nice alternatives including the Sony Xperia Z2 and the Nokia Lumia 930, heavily featured in TV adverts at the moment, in white.


Nokia Lumia 1020 white


You could also consider a white Nokia Lumia 1020 with Windows Phone 8.1 and a huge 41MP camera if you want to buck the trend and walk down the high street with something a little different.


1. Black phones


Black is the new black! In 1st place we see that black phones are the most searched for and universally acceptable as a neutral colour option for professionals to choose or for matching with an outfit.


Missing colours!


There are 3 colours notably missing from the top 5 coloured mobile phones. Pink was hugely popular four or five years ago but fashions change and pink has been a big loser.


More surprisingly though grey and silver phones are not enjoying a fair share of search traffic either. These colours are linked closely to metallic, mostly aluminium, framed phones have been the calling card of flagship devices recently.


The question here is are consumers not interested in metallic phones or are they not searching for them as they expect this from a flagship mobile phone?


Written by: Michael Brown

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