Where’s my cAR? App Review

There are a number of little things that can make or break your day and there are apps out there to help overcome these daily speed bumps. In my app review I take a look at the latest release that aims to help you locate your car in a car park. This Where’s my cAR? App review explores the new and unique app that uses AR to help you find your motor.




Where’s my cAR? Mobile App


There are many times you will park your car in a car park or parking area and you may not pay particular attention to exactly where your car is. You may be lucky enough to find the car once you have finished shopping or come outside following a visit to the cinema. Other times, you may not be so fortunate. If you have ever found yourself aimlessly wandering around a supermarket parking area, multi-storey car park or huge parking lot at a venue, you know how frustrating this is.


The smart fellows at Appoly are here to help with their new app, Where’s my cAR? This handy app will detect when you park your car and make a note of the exact location for you. When you are ready to drive home again, the app will guide you to your car.



Where’s my cAR? App features


The Where’s my cAR? app is available on both Android and iOS. Once you have downloaded the app you are ready to go. The app will detect once the car pulls up in a car park or parking spot and automatically create a pinpoint of the location. You can go about your shopping or enjoy the gig safe in the knowledge that you can easily locate your car once you are done.


When you are ready to head home, simply launch Where’s my cAR?. The app will show you the exact location of your car allowing you to make your way there easily. There are quite a few apps that do offer a similar service but, Where’s my cAR? adds a new element. You get the following viewing options:


  • AR Mode
  • Map Layout




The app can create an AR overlay using your phone’s camera to show you exactly where the car is. This means you will see the car park, through the camera lens on your phone, and will be shown a marker pinpointing your car. This will allow you to see exactly where your car is parked in the area you are looking at.


If you prefer things a little more traditional, you can use the standard map layout and use this to take you to your parked car.


You can get the app here:


Where’s My cAR? Android download

Where’s My cAR? iOS download




Although there may be many apps that offer a car location service, this new app from Appoly gives you a unique and really helpful experience. The AR Mode is really easy to use and allows you to look at the car park through your camera lens and know instantly which direction you need to go. I found this a lot better to use than other traditional map style parked car locating apps. You can see where your car is using real points of interest and visual markers in the actual landscape.


Written by: Carmel Brown

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