Where’s My 25 Billion Apps?

The 25 billionth app has finally been downloaded from the Apple istore store. The app that has won this prestigious title is the free version of “Where’s My Water” a puzzle game produced by Disney that follows a sewer dwelling gator. Chunli Fu from Qingdao, China was the lucky person to have downloaded it thus winning a $10,000 US iTunes gift card.




It is surprising how quickly the 25 billion milestone has been reached with just over 3 years having passed since the app store first opened. If we are to take into account how many people are using iOS products and divide the number of apps by this we can find that the average user is downloading around 80 apps both paid and free up to this point. This just shows apps have been rising in popularity along with the rise in popularity of smart phones like twin comets in the tech world.


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