Where is the White Iphone 4?

In China, apparently, is the short answer, despite Apple’s statements that the white iPhone 4 will not be released until early 2011, seemingly genuine examples of the near mythical device have been found for sale in China.

Tech news site GizChina has found several retailers offering white iPhone 4 and has confirmed that they are the genuine article, although they are marked as Apple use only and not for resale. The handsets also seem to be locked to the US AT&T network, suggesting that they were intended for the US and not China.

When Apple first announced that the white version of it’s latest must have handset was delayed, they cited manufacturing difficulties including colour mismatches between white parts from different suppliers, but this news suggests that some quantity of the white iPhone 4 does exist,  and rumours that Apple staff have been issued with them is rife.

The handsets spotted in China could have been slipped on to the grey market by one of Apple’s manufacturing partners, they could be stolen, or they could even be elaborate fakes, but either way the official release of the white iPhone 4 is still some way away, but why?

The innards of the white version ought to be identical to the original,  only external, cosmetic parts ought to need changing so any manufacturing difficulties ought not to lead to too big a delay. Plastic parts are relatively easy to colour match, so if manufacturing issues related to colour are to blame it’s possible that the issue relates to the white glass.

It could be that the original, black  Iphone 4 is selling perfectly well thank-you-very-much and that Apple are holding off releasing the white one until they need to stimulate demand.

Equally possible is that Apple have excess stock of the black version and want to run it down before diluting demand with the white model.

Call me cynical, but another question that needs to be asked, is why do we care? It’s the same phone in a different colour, no more. Many phones come in one colour only, plenty of phones come in a huge variety of colours, so why is everyone so interested in the possibility of the iPhone 4 in white, which isn’t even that exciting a colour? You can already get great iPhone 4 deals, and if the colour really bothers you that much you can get silicone skins in any colour you like, including white.

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