Day 6 – If I Wanted To Stop Driving, I’d Have Given It Up For Lent

Facebook Free Day 6:

Still without a car. I’m trying to avoid public transport at all costs for two reasons: mainly because sitting next to crazy Jackie seems fruitless without being able to post an update about her crazy antics on Facebook (it’s literally just occurred to me that, following the events of the last five days, I’m in no position to comment on anybody’s crazy antics.


The difference is I don’t share it with a bus load of people; I prefer a wider audience). Further to this, as a student, it’s physically impossible to carry less than approximately 60kg of books and equipment without being un-prepared for a lecture. Impossible.


So, in order to avoid detrimental damage to my body, I feel that it’s important that I find alternative methods of transport – thankfully I have a very, very helpful best friend who’s doing a great job at preventing public transport related-injuries.


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