Weird and Wonderful Gadgets of CES 2016

The CES 2016 has been the venue for manufacturers to show us their latest innovations and while some of these have been impressive offerings of technology there have been some that are odd to say the least. Here we take a look at the weird and wonderful gadgets of CES 2016, and ask would you buy them?







Want to know how your brain is doing? Erm well now you can with the BrainBit as this headband will monitor and report on your brain activity. Marketed as having a lightweight, elegant and user-friendly design this headband is made for daily use so you can see how much you have exercised your grey matter.



OMbra – Smart Bra

ombra smart bra


Forget strapping a Fitbit on your wrist female fitness fans,strap on the OMbra instead. Smart clothing is becoming more and more common and the latest innovation will keep track of your fitness goals while keeping the girls supported. The bra is made from stretchy fabric and is said to be one of the most comfortable sports bras out there and all that support is backed up with tracking for all the usual fitness goals as well as some new ones such as Fatigue gauge and Breathing rhythm.



SCiO – Pocket Molecular Sensor


scio molecular sensor


This one is kind of odd but also kind of cool, I think I want one! This sensor can be used to scan materials and objects and deliver relevant information to your smartphone. This molecular sensor will scan objects and send all the information about the chemical make-up of said object to your phone. Now I reckon I would be scanning everything from my dog to my dinner, not sure how long the novelty factor would last though.



Sensorwake – Sniff yourself awake


sensorwake olfactory alarm clock


The Sensorwake is an olfactory alarm clock, so if the thought of the bleeping alarm clock fills you with dread then this is the product for you. The Sensorwake will gently arouse you from your slumber with a pleasant scent rather than a screeching/bleeping/ringing cacophony. You can choose from scents of the ocean, jungle smells or a waft of coffee or croissants to guide you gently from dreamland.


I have to admit I would probably give most of these a go, although it takes some heavy duty alarms to wake me up so I am not sure how effective a gentle waft of scent would be on me. Would you buy any of these gadgets? Which would you like to try out and why? Share your thoughts below or join us on Google+.

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