Weather Underground: App of the Week, 9 February 2012


Weather Underground appApp of the Week is a new feature on Mobilesplease, in which we highlight our favourite app for Apple and Android devices that we’ve discovered over the last seven days. With the cold snap in the UK dominating the news this week, and more snow forecast for the forthcoming weekend, I thought it only appropriate to nominate a weather app as App of the Week.


Billed as the first ever Internet weather site, Weather Underground is available as a free download on iPhone/iPad and Android and is a fantastic source for reliable weather data.



Weather Underground uses a unique network of over 22,000 neighbourhood weather stations to provide the most up-to-date, hyper-local weather information. Using the app from the Mobilesplease office in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, I was pleased to see Hockley picked up as my local weather station on the app’s first screen.

Weather Underground app first screen


I was pleased with the immediacy of the app, and after accepting the terms to use my location, I was presented with what lay in-store for me when I went out to get my lunch – 0 degrees! Immediate buttons at the top of the app enable you to refresh the forecast or change location, while each visual on the screen is interactive, enabling you to swipe to get weather updates for the day or the week ahead. If you tap the map, you get taken to the larger map screen with local temperatures.


My only gripe was with the first screen was the image of wispy clouds, which didn’t really match the overcast skies outside.


Going further into the app opens up different forecast options to view weather conditions. The Hourly (see screenshot) and Map sections operate as they suggest, with the Twitter section giving you direct access to Weather Underground’s feed, with all their latest Tweets listed from within the app.

Weather Underground screenshot


If you visit the More section of the app, you can change your various app options, including selecting to view temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius as well as setting a home location in case you’re without GPS.



The app is easy to use and intuitive; however the most important thing with a weather app is its accuracy. While it’s fairly easy to display the current conditions, it’s long-range when weather apps reveal their quality. Cross-referencing Weather Underground with the Met Office’s app suggests little variation and would point to a high level of long-range accuracy.


With today’s weather similar to yesterday’s prediction, it’s fair to say that Weather Underground is holding its own with the big players of weather forecasters. Whether their seven day accuracy is as reliable is another matter; however not even the Met Office can manage a seven day forecast with any reliability.


So is Weather Underground worth downloading? Well it wouldn’t be my app of the week if it wasn’t!


Mobilesplease App rating: 4 out of 5

Weather Underground scores 4 stars



Download information: 

Download Weather Underground app for Android

Download Weather Underground app for Apple


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