Vodafone launches ‘world’s cheapest phone’


Vodafone – the world’s leading mobile phone telecommunications group have announced the ‘lowest-cost mobile phone on Earth’; the Vodafone 150. Aimed at the developing world and set to be initially launched in India, Turkey and eight African countries the 150 will be priced at a tiny $15!

With a predicted 5bn mobile phone owners by the end of 2010 and most of the growth coming from the developing world The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has said that demand has been driven by people using their phones to access banking and mobile health services. ITU secretary general Dr Hamadoun Toure said, SMS can be used to “deliver instructions on when and how to take complex medication such as anti-retrovirals or vaccines”.”It’s such a simple thing to do, and yet it saves millions of dollars,” he said.

The handset is very basic with a 1inch monochrome display, polyphonic ringtones and a built in torch. It is very useful however, with the ability to make phone calls, send and receive text messages and with a battery life of 16 days standby time the 150 is a practical and affordable phone.

The 150’s slightly more advanced sibling is the Vodafone 250 which will cost around $20. The colour screen is a little bit bigger at 1.45inches making it an understated but attractive looking device and there is also an FM radio on board.

Unfortunately these devices are set for developing countries so are unlikely to enter the UK market but if you are after a cheap and fuss free handset then the Nokia 1208 is a great alternative with a SIM free price of just £25.

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