Vodafone Hit By Break In

Vodafone’s Basingstoke data centre was broken in to in the small hours of this morning, the damage caused to the equipment has left many users with no service.

The disruption seems to be limited to a relatively small area west of London, including Reading, Oxford and Swindon, but there have been some reports of problems as far afield as Devon and Cornwall.

There has not been any news on the motive behind the break in, but comments on several technology sites have raised questions about Vodafone’s disaster planning.

For business critical operations, any nerd worth his salt will tell you that you need redundancy in your systems. Ideally you want redundancy across more than one site.

Companies like Google have multiple data centres, each one duplicates part of the function of another so that if one data centre goes off line for any reason the overall service is more or less unaffected.

It doesn’t look like Vodafone has this type of redundancy on it’s network, at least not in that part of the country.

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