Vodafone abolishes European roaming charges

Vodafone abolishes European roaming charges


Vodafone may have just become the roaming network of choice as it moves to abolish European roaming charges.


The offer is available to all new and upgrading pay monthly consumers and small business customers, connecting on or after the 12th April 2017. Forty ‘Roam-free’ destinations are encompassed by the offer, which represents 80% of the overseas trips that its customers make.




With Roam-free, Vodafone customers can use their phone abroad as they do at home, in the highlighted countries. This means that there will be no unexpected charges and usage will be covered by the customers bundle of calls, texts and data.


Roam-free includes calls within the country of travel, as well as to those back home in the UK. We make this distinction here as Three’s free roaming in 42 countries, only applies to calls back to the UK.


Roam free


The Roam-free offer also includes select destinations outside of the EU, such as Turkey, Switzerland, Iceland and the Channel Islands.




For those who travel further afield, ‘Roam-further’ opens up the possibility to use the customers’ bundle at another 60 destinations. Roam-further isn’t free however and costs £5 per day, accrued only on the days when the phone is used.


Roam further


Roam-further destinations includes China, India, Australia, Russia and the United States


Vodafone also points out that it offers 4G roaming in 117 countries worldwide.


The news comes just ahead of the EU expecting to announce that it will abolish roaming charges across its 28 member states in June.


New Vodafone customer campaign


The news comes as part of a new Vodafone customer campaign that sets out to tackle the biggest issues that customers have highlighted. In response to these issues Vodafone has:


1. Introduced flexible upgrades that allow its customers to upgrade to a new phone after only six months.

2. Created new monthly plans that offer more data, so that customers can stream to their hearts content.

3. Committed itself to hiring thousands (2,100) more UK call centre staff.

4. Created TOBi, an artificial intelligence chatbot, to provide a quicker web chat service. TOBi can handle a range of enquiries and when needed, TOBi will pass customers seamlessly over to a human web chat advisor.


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