Virgin Mobile first to offer free Twitter usage

The mobile networks in the UK have been tried different tactics to get users onto their network over the years, with various incentives, discounts and freebies. With the ever increasing demand for data on smartphones the networks are starting to offer certain services free of charge so that they won’t use up your data allowance. Virgin Mobile has announced that Twitter will be free to their users, being the first network to offer this could see a few jump over to their side.


Free Mobile Data


free mobile data


The free data offer from Virgin Mobile gives users access to Twitter for free so any browsing or postings tweets or watching videos and uploading images won’t eat into the monthly data allowance.


There is an exception to the offer that is worth taking note of, the free data does not include Live Video so if you choose to watch live video feeds on Twitter this will come out of the data allowance.


First Mobile network to offer free Twitter


free mobile twitter


Virgin Mobile is the first network to offer free Twitter, while many other networks offer free usage on various other sites Virgin is the first to make Twitter data-free.


Virgin Mobile and other networks already offer incentives to customers with free usage of apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp and now adding Twitter will appeal to those who love their social media updates.


Other networks have already started adding more services that fall into the data-free category with Three announcing eligible customers get free access to SoundCloud, Deezer and Netflix.


Would this latest offer from Virgin make you consider moving to them? Do you find Twitter uses a lot of your data allowance? Share your thoughts below or join the conversation on Google+.

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