Using a Mobile Phone while Driving

You have heard it, you know it, and you’ve read about it – using a mobile phone whilst driving is dangerous and should be avoided regardless of the situation or urgency. However surveys have shown that three out of five drivers still use their mobile phones to talk or text while driving. Apart from the £60 fine and the 3 points on your driving licence, motorists run the risk of a fine of up to £1,000 and even disqualification from driving. Is it worth the risk and hassle?


Studies have shown that younger drivers (18-25) are more likely to use their mobile phone while driving, which significantly raises their chances of getting into an accident and as a result causing harm to themselves and others. What sounds even more disturbing is that approximately one in five drivers admit that they send or read text messages while driving, which is an even greater distraction than talking on the phone.


Hands-free kits are readily available and have been said to be a safer alternative to holding a mobile phone. However research at the University of Utah in the USA found that speaking to someone on a mobile phone while driving is dangerous regardless of whether you’re holding a phone or not. Even with both hands on the wheel, the level of impairment is still similar to that of a drunken driver. That being said be careful when out there and try not to use your mobile phone while driving. Putting your safety at risk and others as well is really not worth it.


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