Universal Charger to be unleased?

Finally phone manufacturers have joined the pledge to start offering a single universal charger for handsets from next year.

This fantastic move has come after complaints from customer who due to receiving a new charger with every mobile phone bought, millions of homes have unused charges and wires which are a complete waste of space and of which many are thrown out creating waste. The EU has estimated there is around 51,000 tonnes of unused phone charges hanging around.

The phone manufacturers that have joined up to the scheme include Apple, Nokia, Motorola, LGĀ  Sony Ericsson , Samsung and Blackberry. They will provide charger compatibly with micro-USB connectors and this new charger will replace the more than 13 different charges available at the moment.

The first set of universal charges will go on sale next year and this now means you will not have to worry any longer about forgetting your charger as you can use any!

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