Day 5 – Uni Work On A Sunday, Isn’t That Sacrilege?

Facebook Free, Day 5:

There are two people who I’d like to meet, the man who invented heels – to thank him eternally – and the half wit who managed to convince the world that students’ are Jeremy Kyle watching party animals, because we’re not. Not during the last three weeks of our final year anyway.


And so, at 9:30am on a Sunday morning, I found myself cooking sausage butties and spilling tea all over my laptop (apparently things come in fours) in somebody else’s kitchen. Meeting up on a Sunday to finish one (of two!) of our group uni projects was not one of our better ideas – although, in honesty, I can think of worse ways to spend my Sunday mornings.


Before writing-off our relaxing Sunday morning, Amy finished telling us about the trials and tribulations of the night before. Apparently this had already been documented live on Facebook already, I was way behind on my Sunday morning gossip! This made me wonder what else I’d missed out on from the night before… There’s one sure fire way of finding out. Tempted – but too busy to look even if I hadn’t given up.


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