UK users face delays on Apple AirPods

Apple users who were hoping to see some AirPods in their Christmas stocking have all been disappointed due to delays for the UK. Apple AirPods sold out ensuring long delays for UK users to get their hands on the new wireless earphones.


Apple AirPods Orders




The AirPods went on sale on Tuesday 13th December and promptly sold out with new orders now facing a four week or longer delay for delivery. A lucky few will have got their orders in before stock was depleted but the majority of UK Apple users will have a long wait for their AirPods.


Apple AirPods features


The Apple AirPods are wireless earphones so no more tangled up cables when listening to your favourite music. Apple removed the 3.5mm headphone jack from their latest iPhone models and these AirPods were the answer to users facing a dilemma about what to use with their iPhones.



apple airpod design


The AirPods are high quality earphones and include intelligent software that will instantly connect them to your iPhone when they are removed from their charging case. Siri is activated with a simple double tap on the AirPods so you can skip songs, make a call or get directions without having to grab the handset.

Motion accelerometer and optical sensor technology detects when the earphones are placed in the ears so they will automatically play audio and turn on the microphone.


apple airpod orders


The smart W1 chip manages battery life for up to five hours of listening time and placing the earphones back in the charging case gives another three hours of usage after a quick 15 minute charge.


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The AirPods are lightweight at just 4g with an additional 38g of weight from the charging case and easy one tap setup lets you switch devices so they can be used with a Mac,iPad,Watch or iPhone.


If you were one of the unlucky ones and didn’t get a set of these wireless earphones under your Christmas tree you can order the Apple AirPods directly from Apple but you will still have to wait a few weeks for delivery while they try to handle demand.


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