UK Networks to Attend 4G Meeting – Possible Earlier Launch



UK operators will be attending a meeting today to discuss a possible deal to bring 4G services to the UK earlier than expected. The meeting has been organised due to operators such as Vodafone and O2 protesting over the EE network getting to launch ahead of everyone else. Should these networks appeal against EE then the 4G roll out could be delayed whilst the appeal goes through the legal system.


The meeting will be chaired by Culture Secretary Maria Miller and regulators and network operators will be present. With Vodafone and O2 unable to offer 4G until the auction of the radio spectrum which has been freed up from the digital TV switchover, everyone will be keen to find a resolution.


The auction has been pushed back before and now it would seem the only way to appease the networks that have been left behind would be to bring it forward so that O2 and Vodafone could deliver 4G sooner. Should they not be happy with the outcome of the meeting and the networks launch a case against EE then the whole 4G roll out could be delayed putting the UK even further behind the 4G capabilities of other countries.


So let’s hope everyone can get along and come to a solution that they are all happy with so we can get to enjoy 4G on the latest mobile phones such as the iPhone 5¬†sooner rather than later.


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