UEFA Euro 2016

UEFA Euro 2016


Football fans will rejoice this week as the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament begins on Friday 10th June, giving four weeks of footballing action through to the final on July 10th.


This 15th edition of the European Championship kicks off with France versus Romania this Friday and the Euro Predictor 2016 app, is just one way that you and your friends can get involved.


Euro Predictor 2016 App


Developed by app developer Apps Plus, the Euro Predictor 2016 app can be downloaded from iTunes, for use on an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, running on iOS 8.0 or later.


The app encourages friendly competition between friends, who can show off their football knowledge through predicting the scores of the football matches that take place during the Euro 2016 Championship.


Euro Predictor 2016


After downloading the app (12.9MB), the first step is to set up a mini-league, followed by sending out automatic invites, to encourage your friends to join. If football mad friends are in short supply, then it is still possible to play, predict and earn points as a lone player, with your position shown in the world league.


Points are awarded and based upon how close predictions match the actual results of the games. After the first game has played, your position will be shown in both the mini-league and world league.




Points are awarded for predicting the following:


10 points – Correct winner
25 points – Correct winner and goal difference
50 points – Correct score


Euro Predictor 2016 app


Bonus points can also be won through the tournament for guessing correctly other match statistics.


Written by: Michael Brown


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