Two new teaser videos of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 released

The release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is imminent and Samsung has released a couple of videos highlighting some of the features of this new phone. The two new teaser videos of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 show some of the photography features and the other hints towards stylus features.


note 7 s pen features


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 video


The new videos have been released by Samsung, with the first one focusing on the camera features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The video shows the depth-of-field bokeh effects made possible because of the dual-camera configuration on the latest Note model.



The video shows the optical zoom performance of the Note 8 so we can surmise that the 3D depth and 3x optical zoom rumours have some truth to them.


Galaxy Note 8 Stylus


The second video is not quite so clear cut, it shows a man using pens and drawing materials of various thickness to create cartoons and pictures. This could mean the stylus is going to offer a lot more range when it comes to styles of drawing and functionality.



Note 8 Launch date


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will officially launch on 23rd August at the Samsung event, so that is only a couple of days to wait to see the device in the flesh.


note 7 design


What do you think of the Note 8? Will you buy a Galaxy Note 8? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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