Twitter, Twitting and Tweeting on your Mobile!

Twitter on your phone

What are you doing? Yes this is the key phrase behind the Twitter phenomenum. The service allows you communicate with family,friends and work collegues by asking and answering one simple question what are you doing.

Taking over the facebook Twitter is very easy to use on your mobile phone and will provide constant communication between you and your friends. Mobilesplease gives you a simple step by step guide to how to use twitter on your mobile and which handsets are best for ‘tweeting’.

Which handset can you use?

Any handset which sends and received messages can be used so all phones can be used. For quick texting we would recommend a handset with a full QWERTY keyboard such as the Google Android or Blackberry Storm.

How does it work?
Recieve and send updates on the go with the Twitter mobile service simply sent by text messages. Twitter will charge you nothing to use this service but your phone network will charge you standard messaging rates.

Getting started
Simply add the phone to your Twitter account, once added you will be sent a verification code. When verified your phone is raring to go! As simple as that.

Tweeting is the term for when people updating their profiles about their whereabouts, feelings etc.
For further inforamtion and instructions on using Twitter on your phone visit the Twitter website.

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