Turn your old mobile phone into a smartphone security camera

Crime is never far from our minds and the moment that we leave our home behind, be that for a days work or on holiday, it becomes vulnerable to opportunist thieves.


In fact there were 610,000 burglary incidents reported to the police in England and Wales in 2013 and with a UK population of just over 64 million people (2013) almost 1 in 100 will fall victim to burglary each year.


Visual deterrents are one of the best ways to defend your property and possessions but inevitably you are at the mercy of fate. There is however one surprising statistic that could deliver a little peace of mind to homeowners who are away from their dwellings.


According to Ofcom there are presently 83.1 million mobile phones in the UK, highlighting clearly that there are more mobile phones than people. And, this statistic doesn’t include slightly damaged mobile phones that are aesthetically damaged but essentially still operational.


So how can we put these additional mobile phones to work, tackle burglary and offer piece of mind to homeowners?


Smartphone video surveillance


If you have a second smartphone in your household that isn’t being used then it really can be put to good use.


Maybe you have an Apple iPhone with a cracked screen or an aging Android smartphone that has been replaced by something a little more up to date.


Smartphone video surveillance


If this is the case then you have all you need to set up your very own in-home video surveillance camera, allowing you to keep an eye on your hard earned possessions whilst you are at work or on holiday.


A free app can be downloaded onto your smartphones to automatically set up your two devices. One will be used as a video camera while the other handset will be used to see the surveillance.


Connected via Wi-Fi at your home your second mobile phone will securely stream video that can be accessed by your main smartphone. You can set this up to provide a live video stream that can be viewed at anytime.


Video surveillance


Others features that are immensely useful include using the camera as a motion sensor that triggers a push email to be sent to you as a notification of a possible break-in. It is also possible to record your video surveillance, set up start and stop times for surveillance and speak to people in your house which creates many other scenarios for the practical application of this type of system.


If you don’t have a second smartphone lying around then the same surveillance system can be set up using a home PC or laptop’s webcam. Under this set-up you can have the app run on startup and even make it invisible to potential burglars with your own secret hotkey.




Peace of mind can be gained at no cost with smartphone security camera apps allowing you to keep an eye on your property, pets or business when you are away from home.


Business camera surveillance


The features described here in are available with the free AtHome Camera app which is available for both Android and Apple smartphones as well as for Windows and Mac PCs.


Written by: Michael Brown

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