Tree-mendous Mobiles!

If I was to say that there was a new mobile technology emerging from the East which would revolunitionise the materials used to build a mobile phone you would probably be thinking titanium, or some ultra light alloy. But would you be thinking wood?

Nokia might not be quaking in their boots just yet but there is a Russian man who uses apple tree wood to build mobile phones. Ok he doesn’t build them from scratch as he takes apart a new handset and replaces the non electronic parts with wood. The case becomes wooden and he builds casings for the antenna, battery & even the sim card!

Now as someone who has dropped a mobile in a canal before (it was a on the phone non handsfree bike riding on cobbles situation … don’t ask) I would have been delighted to see my little mobile float rather than sink.

While my situation is pretty rare it’s a fact that the no.1 mobile phone insurance claim is for mobiles that have been dropped down the toilet. Would you be prepared to fish out your floater (that’s your mobile by the way) if you drop it down the toilet? Do you really like your contacts address book that much?

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