Phone Applications taking over?

Blackberry with Northen Rail APP

Applications are the ‘new’ thing with hundreds being created each day, the Apple iphone boasts over 15,000 applications which allows you do to everything from find a restaurant to plan the perfect outfit. One of the latest Applications from Blackberry is perfect for the business traveller.

If you spend most of your time on trains that you will find the recent Vodafone and Northern Rail Application a life saver. Vodafone have teamed up with the nationwide rail network to offer passengers and staff an application which will allows customer to keep up to date with train times and the latest travel information. Already in use by over 1,000 train conductors on Blackberry handsets the revolutionary application will make a lot of people journeys a lot easier.

There are thousands of applications out there from most phone manufacturers including Blackberry’s App store, Nokia’s Ovi store and Apple iphone apps.

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