Top 10 reasons to buy from Mobilesplease

At Mobiles please we have a passion for mobile phones and aim to provide the best deals on the best mobile phones. Whether it be the latest handset such as the Nokia N96 or a basic phone on a really good deal you will find it at mobilesplease. Why should you buy from us? Check out our top 10 reasons why you should and you will agree we have the best mobile deals on the internet!

1. Love of mobile phones

We strive to select the right phone for you and give an honest view on each handset, plus with the blog you get a full review so you know if the phone is right for you.

2. The best deal

With 3 of the countries best network providers Tmobile, Orange & 3 mobile we can provide you with the best deal at the right price.

3. No call centre queues –

We provide a dedicated personal service so that means no call centre queues, no long delays and a mobile expert to deal with your order.

4. Price match promise

If you find a better deal on one of our networks with a like for like cash back deal we will match the price, just simply email your details to: [email protected]

5. Simple cashback  & gift

We offer fantastic cash back deals of hundreds of pounds and free gifts including Nintendo Wii’s ,Sony Playstations & LCD televisions. Unlike our competitors who can make you wait 12 months to receive your gift, we make it simple to claim by just sending us proof of your first payed bill, all in one easy step.

6. Free stuff

To give you an even better deal we offer 1 months free insurance, 1 months free technical support & free next day delivery.

7. 100 % Safe

We take every precaution to keep your information safe!

8. Best customer care

As part of the successful Justsayplease group which begun in 2000 you can expect the highest in customer service from our team of mobile experts.

9. We are genuine

If your tired of companies trying to rip you off….mobilesplease provides a completely genuine service with realistic time frames for cashback and the best deals around.

10. Passion

All of us in the Mobilesplease office have a passion for mobiles…its all down to the founder Bobbie who is a big player in the mobile industry.

We hope we have provided you with all the information you need to buy with Mobilesplease, please let us know if you have any further queries. All you need to do is just say ….mobilesplease!

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