Tin Foil Hats Away!

I’m a nerd. I like science, and so I was particularly amused at the news that San Francisco has abandoned a stupid idea for a law requiring cellphone retailers to label each device’s radiation levels.

The law would have required that all phones be labelled with their specific absorption rate – SAR, but once they actually asked someone with a proper grasp of radiation they realised that the SAR was a basically meaningless measurement.

Joel Moskowitz, director at the IC Berkeley Center for Family and Community Health said:

“The specific absorption rate isn’t a very useful measure because it’s the peak reading on a variety of tests conducted on cell phones to measure their radiation, but doesn’t indicate the average amount of radiation a user would generally be exposed to. You could buy a lower SAR phone, but on average it could produce more radiation than a higher SAR phone.”

No doubt the tinfoil hat brigade will complain that this is some sort conspiracy involving the military industrial complex, lizard men, the Illuminati and Elvis.  Phone companies covering up the dangers of mobile phones, government corruption and misinformation. But it really isn’t, it’s just an all too rare example of legislators actually listening to scientists.

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