Three network to give existing customers unlimited data upgrades

The high competition within the mobile market has brought about some really good mobile contract deals for us. From unlimited text messages to free handsets, network providers are fighting for dominance and market share. UK mobile operator, Three, has given all new and existing monthly tariff customers an upgrade to their plan that includes unlimited data for an additional £3 per month becoming effective from the 7th of October this year.


Although Three offers unlimited data on the One Plan tariff and with the pay as you go £15 bundle deal, this upgrade is focused on those who have entered a contract and wish they had more data allowance. With the smartphone market growing rapidly, data allowances with contracts have increased. Network providers do understand the need for more data allowance as a smartphone is slowly and surely taking over the role of a portable laptop. Accessing emails, browsing the internet, downloading applications and games, business productivity and video calling are among the favourites.


Apart from upgrading the data plans, Three has also boosted its Talk and Text plans, providing a choice for customers to mix and match what suits their needs and is right for them.

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