Day 4 – They Say Things Come In Threes

Facebook Free, Day 4:

They say things come in threes, so after the last couple of days I wasn’t at all surprised when I almost set the entire kitchen on fire with the deep fat fryer (not quite the do it yourself TGI’s dinner that I had in mind, I must say).


Thankfully, I’m quite good under pressure so a wet cloth, and a trip to McDonalds (much safer dinner option), soon rectified the situation. The first McFlurry didn’t manage to ease the post traumatic stress thankfully however my brother didn’t want his, so the second managed to do the trick. All to calm my nerves … obviously. Sadly, “My Big Fat Greedy Sister’s just polished off a Big Mac and two McFlurrys” didn’t find its way to the news feeds of 500 or so of my “friends”, just a thousand of my Brother’s.

Yet another reason for me to dig out my trainers…!

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