The world awaits the iPhone 5

New Apple iPhone 5 announced September 12In less than an hour, Apple will launch its new iPhone 5, with an expectant crowd tuning in to get a glimpse of the new design and find out what tweaks and innovations are being included in the sixth release of this game-changing smartphone. Mobilesplease will be covering the event live on Twitter, Facebook and right here on this blog, so stay close to find out what the iPhone 5 will be like, first.


What do we know already?


It’s going to be called the iPhone 5.
The name that was confirmed by mistake ┬áhours before the launch event began, on Apple’s website. Four articles were published all referring to the new handset by the iPhone 5 name.


It’s going to have LTE, or 4G capabilities.
With EE announcing 4G services yesterday, it’s become clear that the iPhone 5 will be compatible to take advantage of its launch.


It’s going to have a bigger screen.
Even though Steve Jobs suggested smartphones didn’t need screen sizes above 3.5″, the success of handsets with larger screens, such as the 4.8-inch Samsung Galaxy SIII, or the 4.5-inch display on the HTC One X has meant that in order to keep up the Jones’, the new iPhone 5 will have to follow suit. Don’t expect anything too large however, a 4-inch screen is most likely.


It’s going to have a new pin-dock connector.
One of the earliest rumours, and one that sent bloggers into overdrive, was the reduced-size pin dock connector. Expected to be 9-pins and called ‘Lightning’, this will allow for a smaller port and may support data transfer of up to 5Gbps.


These are all the rumours we can confirm, although not 100% due to Apple’s tight security it employs around all of its new product releases. In less than two hours however, we’ll find out for sure what the new iPhone 5 will have in store for us.


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