The Windows Phone 7 OS has landed! Order the HTC 7 Mozart or Samsung Omnia 7 today!

The hottest news of the week has been saved for the weekend and anyone following our blog and Tweets will know just how excited we are to be able to offer the latest smartphones running the brand new Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system.

Both the HTC 7 Mozart and Samsung Omnia 7 are available to order today, both phones are completely free on a selection of contracts and a choice of free minutes and unlimited text messaging are also on offer.

The Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS works around a selection of Hubs that offer various services that enhance the functionality of the phone. So read on to find out why Windows Phone 7 Hubs are so special:

The People Hub brings together your contacts and friends from your social networking sites and places them into one convenient location for receiving updates and messages.

The Pictures & Camera Hub holds your saved photos and can upload them to multiple Social Networking accounts in one action.

The Music & Video Hub offers video/TV streaming along with playback of your own HD videos and provides access to the Zune music service.

The Office Hub has mobile versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for viewing and editing documents on the go.

The Games Hub provides an on-the-go gaming experience with access to Xbox Live services and leaderboards.

The Marketplace Hub offers a selection of free applications, music, videos and games. A try-before-you-buy system is also in place for chargeable content and downloads making this the friendliest Marketplace out there.

Other services which the Windows Phone 7 OS brings includes GPS navigation with Bing Maps and street level view for when you arrive at your destination, multiple email account management and the Internet Explorer Web browser.

So, it’s fairly obvious why you should be getting excited too. To find out more about the Mozart & Omnia simply click on the links and check out our phone reviews and available deals.

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