The Sony Xperia Z Tablet Launch Reveals Thinnest 10-inch Tablet

The latest tablet to be revealed by Sony has taken the crown of lightest tablet for its size and the thinnest (only just).


xperia z tablet


The Sony Xperia Z tablet is 6.9mm thick which is 0.01mm thinner than the iPad Mini, OK so that may not seem a lot to you and me but every millimetre counts when it comes to shrinking down mobile devices and tablet PC’s.


The Xperia Z tablet weighs in at just 495g which makes it lighter than other 10.1-inch tablet PC’s, and as well as being light it has water and dust resistance so it’s tougher than your average PC too.


The tablet is designed to work together with the Xperia Z, which was announced at the CES 2013, with data sharing between the devices being as easy as waving the devices in front of each other to enable NFC communication.


The tablet certainly has a great look and lightweight, slim and water and dust resistant should make it pretty appealing to many but can it dominate the market with many manufacturers now producing 7-inch tablets to bring them in at a more affordable price? The launch has been confirmed for Japan so far so we should hear when a UK launch will be happening soon, if the price is right it could do well.


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