The Sony Ericsson X8 versus the ZTE Racer

As two handsets, new to our virtual shelves, become available we see brand versus budget in the battle between the Sony Ericsson X8 in white and the ZTE Racer in white. The X8 wins hands down when it comes to style and an intuitive menu system but the Racer offers the Android v2.1 OS over the X8′ Android v1.6 OS.

Both handsets feature a very similar spec with 3G HSDPA and Wi-Fi Internet browsing, Bluetooth, 3.15-megapixel cameras, media players and GPS navigation. You also get spoilt with messaging options that include SMS in a threaded chat-like view, MMS, email and instant messaging.

The battery on the X8 is almost twice as long lasting as that on the Racer and for those travelling to the Americas better coverage is offered by the X8 that has Quad-band roaming against Tri-band roaming on the Racer.

Google services come with both phones, thanks to that Android OS, and access to the Android Marketplace for downloading apps, lets you upgrade the feature set with ease.

The cost of style and brand comes through the line rental choice with the X8 attaining 300 free minutes and unlimited texts for £25pm against £15pm for the Racer.

There’s clearly something for everyone here but which would you choose?

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