The Samsung Galaxy SIII Hits 10 Million Sales


Samsung Galaxy S3


Samsung has yet more impressive news to celebrate as its flagship handset the Samsung Galaxy S3 hits 10 million units sold. After trouncing the competition to become the world’s bestselling mobile phone manufacturer this latest milestone will surely have Samsung staring smugly over their rival Apple.


The 10 million sales figure comes sooner than expected with an approximate rate of 190,000 units sold every day, making the S3 hit the mark quicker than its predecessor the Galaxy S2.


The iPhone 5 is not expected until later this year and as this is slated as the only real competitor to the S3 Samsung can enjoy their market domination a little longer.


The demand for this popular Android smartphone is set to continue with anticipated sales for 2012 to reach as high as 40 million, which would make this the most successful smartphone release from Samsung to date.


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