The Samsung Galaxy S Dons an Armani Suit

Samsung has become well known for producing sleek and elegantly designed handsets and now they have gone a step further with the Galaxy S. The Italian design house of Giorgio Armani has put their stamp on the Galaxy S to make this thing of beauty simply stunning.

This limited edition handset features the Giorgio Armani logo on the front casing and a back cover with a waffle embossed design.  There is a shortcut to the Armani website so you can view their latest collections and even the Android robot on the start-up screen has donned a tuxedo. The fantastic 4-inch super-AMOLED touchscreen delivers a rich multimedia experience with music and video playback as well as streaming from YouTube.

All message options are covered including instant messaging and with Social Network integration you are always in the loop. 3.5G and Wi-Fi is included so you can browse your favourite sites when out and about and GPS navigation is on hand when exploring new places.

Other features include a 5-megapixel camera, document viewer for opening email attachments and Swype text input. The TouchWiz 3.0 UI and Android v2.1 OS deliver a responsive and intuitive user experience and access to the Android Marketplace offers up a huge range of downloadable content and apps.

The Armani touches to this handset are subtle but you clearly know you are holding a designer phone – even the box is a thing of beauty! There are only a limited number of these handsets available – so if you want to behold the amazing Samsung Galaxy S Armani edition you should order now!

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