The real cost of cheaper EU roaming charges


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With the news of reduced EU roaming charges you may be happier to use your mobile phone when on holiday abroad but what will these cheaper charges really cost you?


Mobile phone operators will now have to comply with new price caps for charges on calls, text and data you use when in another EU country. The new charges give you more than a 50% drop in data charges as these are now only 16p per MB down from 36p. When making a call from an EU country back to the UK it now will cost a maximum of 15p per minute instead of 19p per minute and text messages are down to 5p from 6p.


Receiving calls when abroad within the EU has also come down to a cost of 4p per minute from 6p per minute.


New EU roaming charges


You should bear in mind that these charges are only applicable to EU countries so if you are holidaying outside of the EU then charges will be a lot higher.


These new charges should reduce the number of very big bills that surprise mobile users after their EU holidays, with many people not realising how much it costs to use their phone abroad and running up big bills while relaxing by the pool so that’s good news for some but what do these new changes really cost?


Mobile operators will, of course, abide by this new EU ruling but a reduction in roaming charges means less money coming in so they have to recoup that somewhere. Already we are seeing a slew of new tariffs from Vodafone with higher out of bundle charges, so while you may not get a big bill from your holiday you may just get the bill shock when you use data, text or minutes outside of your tariff bundle.


As many people are only on holiday for a couple of weeks a year, is it really worth it as the potential higher costs now shift to your everyday usage?


If other networks follow the same route with higher out of bundle charges to recoup costs then users could potentially be saving money during their holiday but spending more for the rest of the year.


Do you use your mobile phone when on holiday? Do you think the reduced charges are worth it if the rest of the year costs could go up? Tell us your thoughts by commenting below or joining the conversation on Google+.

Written by: Carmel Brown


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